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Zero Waste Lifestyle

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Zero-waste lifestyle and village experience

Puvidham is offering a 8 day (15th to 22nd May, 2019) Zero-waste lifestyle Camp at Puvidham.

For further details,  Contact:
Madhavraj – 96004 57495
Meenakshi Umesh – 9600491176.

E-mail: puvidham@gmail.com

Age group: 11 to 17 years

Venue: Puvidham Learning Centre,Nagarkoodal Village and Post,(via) Indur, Dharmapuri – 636803,Tamilnadu

Language of Conduction: Tamil

Zero Waste LifeStyle Camp:

+ Do you want children/Youths to be independent?
+ Do you want children/Youths to develop lifetime love for learning?
+ Have you ever been to a school/college which is governed by children/youths?

A lifetime memorable experience is waiting…..

You have the following activities to choose from:

  • Nature Walk
  • Trek to Nagavadhi Dam and importance of rivers
  • Rain water harvesting and water conservation
  • Gift Culture and Economy
  • Organic Soap Making
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Yarn making and weaving
  • Cook Healthy Food
  • Herbal Plants and Natural Farming
  • Tending to Cattle
  • Cycling and Rope Climbing
  • Story Time

Glimpse of last years events during the 10 day workshop

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