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Beyond Schooling

Cultural Exchange

School should be an experience through which one learns about one self. We have found that the best way to explore one self is to travel. So we take the oldest 7th and 8th level children on long exchange programs to other parts of the country for a period of 20-25 days.  During this period they get a chance to immerse in a completely different culture and language and expands their horizons of thought and rids them of fear of the unknown.


Every year we celebrate the annual day just after pongal when all the migrating parents are home for the festival. All the children get a chance to dance and act in a play. The children are sometimes invited to perform in some function. They go to Chennai to Mr Selvaraj’s aashram almost every second year. Along with the cultural performance they also do a science exhibition and an exhibition on the evolution of the idea of god.