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Issues and interventions

Issues of concern in Nagarkoodal village

  • Migration of work force due to drought
  • Undulating rocky slopes with high level of soil erosion
  • Low level of nutritional and healthcare awareness
  • Debt ridden society

Possible interventions

  • Creation of local employment – a nursery, manufacture and sale of vermi-compost, organic pesticides and herbal sprays, embroidery and tailoring, paper making, screen-printing, bread and biscuit baking, and soap making.
  • Establishment of a micro credit program- loans at reasonable rates of interest
  • Education and awareness- about the ecological and economic benefits of plant resources
  • Soil rejuvenation techniques- to help improve soil, using techniques such as green manuring, mulching and crop rotation.
  • Local Health Tradition and education- -Provide first aid, medical advice based on local herbal and natural resources


The grid power to the Farm is complemented by power generated by renewable source of energy, both solar and biogas. It operates a biomass plant which supplies biogas to the house and school. The feed to biogas plant is from the manure collection system in the cattle shed in the farm.

The solar panels powers lighting and heating systems. It also has an effective water harvesting system in place to collect the meager rainfall. There are plans to initiate new farming techniques for improving productivity. The kitchen is fit with locally made smokeless chullahs.