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kurt Lewin’s Change Model

Lewin’s model of change

In the 1940s, Lewin proposed a Change Management Model that was perhaps, the first and most famous early analysis of how organizations adapt and deal with change.

His model proposed three main stages to move an organization from its current state to a desired future state:  “Unfreeze – Change – Refreeze

  1. Unfreeze – Creating a sense a change is needed
  2. Change – Moving towards a new and desired behavior
  3. Refreeze – Setting this behavior as the new normal


Knowledge and work are inseparable. demonstrates a 13 year old

A 13 year old boy finds a way to chase lions using flash lights.

Necessity is the mother of invention. we could say learning.

Sugata Mitra – School in the Cloud

It is the big questions that makes learning interesting. It is unbelievable to know how children learn a language themselves and go on to understand the subject. Just Amazing.

We need more granny’s that teachers in this internet connected knowledge economy.


Evaluation – Critique and Feedback – The story of Austins Butterfly

An amazing model of evaluation within children and guided by a facilitator.

Constructive Criticism and Feedback. Used in the right spirit can work wonders.




Arvind Gupta Toys

Arvind Gupta had taken science to children and general public. A mesmerising and inspiring human being.  A role model for teachers and Guru for learners.



Arvind Gupta’s TED Talk. Must watch.