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Lots of little drops…
Fostering a child, that is, financially contributing towards a child’s education is definitely a way of increasing their options in the future and lightening the financial burden on their families.
We now feel we are at a point when we would like to start a fostering process. We encourage friends to contribute towards the education of one or more children. However, these funds will go towards a pool that will contribute towards all the children at Puvidham. Nevertheless, if you want to be in contact with one or more children at a personal level, you are welcome to visit and meet the children and form personal friendships.
The cost for one child to attend Puvidham is Rs. 2400 per year. For a child who will board in the hostel it is Rs. 6000 per year. These fees cover teacher’s salaries, stationery, books, and a nutritious afternoon snack for the day children. For the hostel children, the fee also covers board, bedding and 3 healthy meals a day. These fees convert to approximately USD 55 per year for a day child and USD 140 per year for a hostel child.
You could also contribute:
Towards a corpus
One sided papers and unused stationery and tool kits, educational CD’s and softwares, unused PC’s with CD drive
Train our children in singing, dancing, acting, fine arts and crafts.
Our doors are open to anyone and everyone, who would like to visit and spend time at Puvidham. If you would like talk to us do send us a mail. We hope to hear from or see you in the near future!