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Eco Construction and Land Regeneration

Meenakshi trained to be an Architect at sir J.J.College of Architecture. She underwent training under Laurie Baker and has been inspired by him in her approach to architecture.

After her training and graduation in 1989,  she went to Auroville, near Pondicherry to work with Mr. Poppo, a renowned architect who specializes in cost effective technologies. Besides designing buildings, she did some hands-on work on one building working with masons, workers, and carpenters.

In Auroville in 1989 she underwent the first Permaculture Training at Auroville by Rosemary.

From Auroville in 1990 she went to Bangalore to work for a Delhi based NGO called Development Alternatives. While there she designed and constructed a building in Tirupathi in Vekateshwara University. There she got a chance to work with mud as a building material.

Thence she moved to Gudalur, to an organization called Accord that wanted to build mud houses for the tribal people of the Nilgiri district. She completed the design and constructed their office building using a team from Auroville on a site that had a 45 degree slope with stepped foundation in Brick and Lime mortar.

In 1992 April she bought a piece of land in Dharmapuri district. She built her own house with mud in the vernacular technology. Puvidham farm is an experiment in Permculture design for dry arid regions.

Since then she has been a staunch believer that mud should not be stabilized but be used as it is. Almost every year since then she has constructed a building with mud and experimented with local soils all over India.

She trained the local people and built a mud and brick dome over 8 feet high cob walls, in Gaya, in Bihar

Near Nagpur in Anandwan, she trained architects and civil engineers and built a dome and a college building of 5000 sqft. Here the site had black cotton soil and a load bearing structure of span 25 feet x 150 feet with verandha, toilet etc. was built under her guidance.

In Ralegaon Siddhi in Maharashtra, she trained URUVEE team’s masons and  constructed a small demonstration structure using the local soil.

In Vanagam, in Karur district of Tamilnadu, the place from where Nammalvar worked, she has designed and built a 32 feet dome in mud and brick over stone and cob walls as a memorial for him.

Some of eco and green architecural buildings. Puvidham offers architectural consulting services. Optimal space, economical and living environments.

Shankar’s house 2015

Rayakota building 1996

veerabhadrans house 1995

Jain Farms near Bangalore 1995

Accord gudalur 1992

cudallore guest house- 2014-15-page-001




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