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Issues and interventions

Issues of concern in Nagarkoodal village

  • Migration of work force due to drought
  • Undulating rocky slopes with high level of soil erosion
  • Low level of nutritional and healthcare awareness
  • Debt ridden society

Possible interventions

  • Creation of local employment – a nursery, manufacture and sale of vermi-compost, organic pesticides and herbal sprays, embroidery and tailoring, paper making, screen-printing, bread and biscuit baking, and soap making.
  • Establishment of a micro credit program- loans at reasonable rates of interest
  • Education and awareness- about the ecological and economic benefits of plant resources
  • Soil rejuvenation techniques- to help improve soil, using techniques such as green manuring, mulching and crop rotation.
  • Local Health Tradition and education- -Provide first aid, medical advice based on local herbal and natural resources

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