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Number Board

Rods and units to give the children an understanding of the quantities of the numbers up to ten. The material is colour coded and selfcorrecting and helps the children to learn without being taught. The material can also be used to teach addition and subtraction using units.

Number Rods

Once the children have got a clear understanding of the number concept up to ten, the colour coding can be done away with . These number strips represent numbers up to 20 and can be used to do addition and subtraction in combination with a board with numbers up to 20 marked on it .

Rods, Plates and Cubes

This material is used for understanding the decimal place value system in arithmetic. The small cubes are units, the rods and tens and the plates hundreds. The numbers above 10 are taught using the tens as base and the units as the addition to the tens . It makes the learning of numbers easy and logical .