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Geometric Shapes


Concentric Circles

10 circles , one with in the other. As the children fit them in they learn about the properties of circles .

Concentric Rectangles

Rectangles one within the other . As the children work with the material , they learn about the properties of rectangles. They can understand without the use of words that rectangles have two sides of different lengths .

Concentric Squares

Squares one within the other . As the children work with the material they can distinguish the properties of the square from that of the rectangle.

Concentric Triangles

Two sets of triangles , one within the other . The children work with the material and learn about the properties of triangles. They also know that two right angled triangles combine to form a rectangle.

Inset Circles

A series of 8 circles of different diameters and colours. Text saying big, bigger,biggest and small ,smaller, smallest helps the child to understand relative size . The children get a feel for size estimation and form.

Inset Puzzles

Such inset circles ,squares , triangles and rectangles with different colours and sizes help the child to learn size estimation .The text of Big, Bigger, Biggest and Small , Smaller and Smallest help in learning relative differences in sizes.

Shape Combinations

These regular geometric shapes fitted in to circles give the child the idea of how new shapes evolve from combinations of shapes and how whole shapes can break up into modules .

String Boards

Holes are made on hardboard in different shapes. Thin electric wire is used to string through . Preschoolers can be engaged with this activity for hours and they prepare to learn to stitch and embroider .

Shape Grid

The area board is useful in helping grade 3 children understand the concept of unit area . It can be used to make free forms using rubberbands and then the forms can be plotted on to graph paper or square notebooks . This teaches them one to one correspondence and plotting and mapping . Then they can count the units to know the area covered by the particular shape .

Degree Board

The degree board is useful to teach grade 5 children about the concept of dividing the circle into degrees. There are 36 nails in the circle and each difference stands for 10 degrees. Triangles of different shapes can be inscribed in the circles and the three angles of the triangles can be separately worked out from the degree board. This is very useful in learning about properties of triangles .

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