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Organic Farming

Since the beginning the school has focused on organic farming as a medium for learning all subjects and all about life and one self. Millets like foxtail millet, finger millet, little millet, sorghum, pearl millet and pulses like horse gram, pigeon pea, green gram, black gram are the traditional rain fed crops of this region. We also grow vegetables on mulch beds.
Organic agriculture or farming was the basis of all great civilizations. It was the first art, craft, science and economics that man learnt. Farming was the foundation of the evolution of all the other specializations of work and study. Yet farming is now forgotten and lost in machines and space crafts that can do no good to anyone without the basis of farming and food production. Farming is the most important occupation on earth for nothing can survive without food. While this simple fact has not changed, the attitudes of society have shifted drastically. Farming is now left to the people who are considered incapable of doing anything else. Farming is not considered a worthy occupation. It is felt to be the lowest of occupations. Education plays a key role in this distinction. Farming is overwhelmingly done by people who cannot read what is present in the inputs used by them. Most people cannot read the warnings on the pesticide packs. Nor can they read the instructions of self-protection. Farming is done by people who have no notion of pollution of the soil, water and air. By people who can never be expected to understand the phenomenon of global warming, open market economy or even the importance of planting trees.
In our school we treat farming as a very important activity. Amongst career options like doctor, engineer, teacher, ‘farmer’ is included with pride.