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DBT Foldscope

Puvidham has got a Category-A Government of India – DBT grant of 4 Lacs in May 2018.

The duration of the project was 1 year from May 2018. The project duration has been extended up to september 2019

Background to DBT Fold Scope Grant:

Project Details:

Objective of this project is to utilize foldscope to study soil microbes and try to co-relate the microbial activity to weather, soil conditions, NPK content and type of plants.

We have a team of teachers and students at puvidham who will be engaged in this project.

Project study/work regions:

Puvidham- Dharmapuri
Thangavelu Ayyas Natural Farm – Irugur, Coimbatore

Volunteers and Experts:

We also invite experts in the field of Microbe Analysis, Water Testing, microscopy/optics and Soil/NPK testing.

You may also volunteer in recording data using foldscopes.

You may also sponsor a few foldscope kits

a) By placing an order at foldscope

+ https://www.foldscope.com/order/

+ Choose the type of kit you wish to sponsor (20 USD to 70 USD)

+ Specify our shipping address – http://puvidham.in/contact-us/

b) by donating to Puvidham

+ http://puvidham.in/donate/   towards foldscope procurement

For more details or clarifications, you may contact Puvidham Madhavraj (96004 57495) for Dharmapuri region or Puvidham (9585759184/9600491176) for funding/donation-related information

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