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Puvidham Institute of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Living.

We offer a 11 month residential program on Sustainable Living and Entrepreneurship for gap year students, homeschoolers (and unschoolers), and adults who aspire to make a change, aged 14-50. This course is to empower people who are keen to make a conscious living on this planet.

Admissions are open for 2019. The course is limited to 30 participants.

Apply online or contact us for details.

No Exams, No Certificates!
Explore, Learn, Specialize!
Develop your self-awareness and reflective practices through mindfulness!
Build your skills & become an entrepreneur!
Start a meaningful green business that will contribute to Immense Personal Satisfaction, Fair Livelihood & Sustainability of our Planet.

Our dream is about imagining a day, when everyone on this planet is conscious of the bountiful resources that our mother earth is blessed with and acknowledges her grace of sustaining life on this rare planet in the whole universe, that we all are born into.

Our dream is about imagining a day, when people live on this loving planet are treating her with the respect that she deserves fully recognising that the future of all lives depend on how we use the bountiful resources that mother earth is offering us every day.

We recognise that learning to keep the five basic elements of this Gentle Planet – Pure Air, Water, Earth, Sky & Fire – as pure as possible is not a service, but a basic duty for each one of us to ensure that what we inherited from our elders is handed over to our children in a responsible way.

We are deeply saddened by the way the modern world is defining life in the name of “Development”. We recognise the urgency with which we have to attempt a turn-around in the human consciousness to work towards sustainability for all lives on this planet.

PIESL is our humble attempt
towards this dream!
towards building a sustainable world for everyone!
towards our duty to contribute what we could do to counter the growing menace of pollution in the cities.
towards creating a new wave of consciousness in the way we can live our lives on this lovely planet.

We think we can achieve this by supporting a new breed of entrepreneurs to evolve, who are ethical & ecologically conscious!

We want to contribute towards creating a paradigm shift in the way businesses are functioning worldwide! We want to foster the ideas of gift economy and the economy of permanence.

This course will facilitate self-driven learning by providing a resourceful environment with ample opportunities for grooming your personality and developing your skill sets towards green business opportunities in the world today.

Program Outline:

Learning to Life Simply & Sustainably (Month 1-2; Aug-Sept)

Live the sustainable, zero waste lifestyle and learn self-management practices. Learn to live in a community, share responsibility, understand the reasons for the need to change our present-day lifestyles. Build connections and heart-to-heart friendships with your fellow community members (and therefore, truly, yourself). Understand the need for local economics and sustainable practices.

Location: Puvidham

Apprenticeships (Month 3-5; Oct – Dec)

Learn ecologically sustainable skillsets through doing three month-long apprenticeships of your choice at Puvidham or our partner institutions.

Location: Puvidham or partner institutions

Inspiration, Integration & Reflection (Month 6; Jan)

Integrate and reflect on learnings from 5 months of living sustainably and learning ecologically sustainable skills. Participate in a green business pitch competition and learn business planning skills. Decide whether to follow the Apprenticeship or Entrepreneurship track.

Location: Puvidham

Entrepreneurship Track or Apprenticeship Specialization (Month 7-9; Feb-April)

Students in the Apprenticeship track will pick 1-2 skills to focus on and will apprentice in-depth with our partners. Students in the Entrepreneurship track will write a business plan and work to start their businesses.

Location: Puvidham or partner institutions

Capstone Experience & Portfolio Creation (Months 10 & 11; May & June)

Assemble your portfolio. Obtain community guidance to help plan your next steps. Search for and obtain funding for business plan concepts. Further deepen the PIESL community ties.

Location: Puvidham

Apprenticeship Options

Earth building design & construction
Bamboo, wood, and coconut product design & fabrication
Eco-friendly natural products
Teaching & curriculum development
Organic farming, agro-forestry, natural substitutes for fertilizers and pesticides
Role of Soil Microbes in Soil Fertility
Spinning, weaving and dyeing – the environmentally friendly way
Alternative energy (solar, wind and bio-gas) supply units
Food adulteration and water quality lab testing
Human powered machines design and construction
Farm tools design & fabrication
Miniature process equipments design & fabrication
Clay & terracotta design & firing
Sewing & clothing production

INR 80,000* for the complete program

Rs 20,000 on Registration on 1st August (includes 2 month stay, food at Puvidham and the sustainable living course)
Rs 20,000 due on 1st Sept
Rs 20,000 due on 1st Oct
Rs 20,000 due on 2nd January
* Travel expenses to partner institutions should be borne by the candidate
* Limited scholarships are available and can be applied for in the program application.