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Puvidham offers the following Workshops.

Eco-Friendly Architecture

Green Product Manufacturing

  • Hand Made Paper
  • Organic Soap and Tooth Powder Making
  • Cooking Healthy Food


Organic Farming and Water Conservation

Zero-waste lifestyle and village experience

A refreshing time for children at puvidham along with fun filled activities


Contact Us for latest schedules on the workshops

Puvidham is space that has been providing training to teachers of other schools since the last ten years. we have so far provided training for teachers from
  • TULIR – in Sitilingi,
  • VIDYODAYA – in Gudalur,
  • PAYIR- in Trichy,
  • AKSHARAVIDYASHRAM. – in Cuddalore,
  • LIVING VIKASA VIDYAVANAM- in Vijayawada to name a few.
The 9 day DIET Teacher training program conducted by the Dharmapuri Education Department,  includes one day at puvidham, every year since the last four years.
TEACH FOR INDIA has been conducting training for their leaders at puvidham for the last two years.