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A  2 day program at puvidham Рfor parents and children

Contact: 9585759184/8098750458 for registration

Puvidham Learning Centre is a space for children where they can be children. The camp for two days is being conducted for people who are curious to know what children do and how they learn is such a space.

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Essentially there is minimum teaching at Puvidham. We have a lot of time for observation of nature and discussion about what the children feel and think about what they see. The children are engaged through stories and songs written by the team to inform children about the concerns of the adults at Puvidham. These concerns are

  • The increase in mindless consumerism
  • The distance from nature
  • The destruction of nature
  • The depletion and pollution of resources like water
  • The toxic food and air for our children
  • The unhappiness of the child
  • The stress related learning difficulties increasing in children
  • The lack of living skills and basic values in the present generation
  • The inaction of the present generation to make a difference in their own lives
  • The lack of understanding and tolerance
  • The increased violence in society

If you are concerned about such things you can attend the camp to seek solutions in changing the way of life you lead.

During the camp, the participants will get to do everything that the children here do. There will also be time for discussion with the founder Mrs Meenakshi.

All your questions about education of the children in this age and time shall be answered to the best of our ability. We shall also share our philosophy and learning material .

During the workshop, you will be exposed to the following practices at puvidham

  • Organic farming
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Traditional¬†Food
  • Herbal Garden
  • Art and Crafts

Also explore the surroundings of nagarkoodal in a morning nature walk.