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The parents must subscribe to the idea that there shall be not much teaching and that we wait for the child to show interest in learning before we do anything. The adults are called facilitators not teachers. If the child is happy to be in puvidham we are happy to have him/her.
We have two day camps every month for interested parents and individuals. The camp can be attended by the whole family. We charge a fee. It is free for the child less than 12 years of age. Alternatively, you may visit us for an observation session for an hour or two on any day of the week.
We have a variable fee structure and we believe in the goodness of the human being. We ask the parents to pay as school fee their one days wage or consultancy.
Yes, there is a hostel. But the facilities are very basic and we do not want to enhance them mainly because we believe in frugality. We want the children to realize how little they need to lead a happy and fulfilling life. We want children to grow up to live simply by choice not because they do not have the means. For the hostel the fee is fixed at the cost price which is around 2500/ Rs at present but for single mothers and people with low earning capacity we give a concession after enquiring about their status in their neighbourhood. The food is traditional and nutritional. We do not subscribe to allopathic medicines. We use herbs and AUT to heal ourselves.
Yes! We believe in small schools and we believe that the revolution in education will happen when parents get together to start small schools to educate their own children instead of depending on the big industrial schools.
Yes we have a team that goes out and constructs as per the design given. We also organize workshops at puvidham.
Yes we do. Meenakshi is a counselor by training. You can visit us with prior appointment.
Please do not teach any thing. Involve the child in all the work that you are doing. Read to the child. Go for working in a nearby farm and help the farmer and let your child do it too!