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Eco Construction and Land Regeneration

Meenakshi trained to be an Architect at sir J.J.College of Architecture and under Laurie Baker who inspired her approach to architecture.

In 1989, she went to Auroville near Pondicherry to work with Mr. Poppo, a renowned architect who specializes in cost effective technologies. Besides designing buildings, she did some hands-on work with masons, workers, and carpenters.

Since then, she has built her own house with mud in the vernacular technology, as well as her school and hostels. She has also worked with stepped foundation in brick and lime mortar and been commissioned as architect for eco-friendly buildings in Nagpur, Gaya, Ralegaon Siddhi, and Vanagam.

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DBT Foldscope

An ongoing project that aims to utilize foldscopes to study soil microbes and try to co-relate the microbial activity to weather, soil conditions, NPK content and type of plants. Puvidham has a government grant to carry out these studies, led by a team of teachers and students.

We would love to speak to experts in the field of microbe analysis, water testing, microscopy/optics and soil/NPK testing. We also invite volunteers in recording data using foldscopes and sponsors for our foldscope kits.

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Human Powered Machines.

Puvidham is experimenting with Human Powered Machines that unleash a spirit of play, fun and are a source of sustainable energy.

We are currently exploring the possibilites of non-intrusive energy storage from play ground equipments and also design and development of equipments that can utilize human energy. Come, try your ideas in our maker space!

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Nagavathi River Conservation

An initiative for effective water conservation in Nagavathi River along with local villagers. We work with farmers who understand the advantages of soil conservation and water harvesting and willingly participate in the work. We organize NSS students from local colleges to do the trenching and bunding work.Three Women’s groups have been formed and they are indulging in animal husbandry and milk production.

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