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Apply to Intern at puvidham : Soil Microbe Analysis

Explore Sustainable Living and Social Entrepreneurship

We are offering a 11 month residential program, starting this world environment day (5th June 2018) on "Sustainable Living and Entrepreneurship" for gap year students, homeschoolers (and unschoolers), and adults who aspire to make a change; aged 14-50.

 Apply Online - PIESL online application form 2018. For more details - Puvidham Insititute for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Living (PIESL) 

Recent News and Updates:
Tedx Talk - Sustainable Living | Puvidham Meenakshi | 2018
Puvidham gets DST foldscope Government of India Grant in May 2018

Puvidham translates from Tamil to love for the earth. This is the inspiration for all the people and activities associated with this place. Puvidham Rural Development Trust is a registered organization that works on providing a humane, sustainable and child-centered education environment for children in the Nagarkoodal area of Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, India. The educational environment is modeled around Mahatma Gandhiji's Nai Talim Curriculum with the spiritual principle which states that "knowledge and work are not separate"

The Puvidham Learning Centre, currenlty is a 80 strong family comprising of students and facilitators. Children are exposed to architecture, Organic Farming, Arts, Crafts, Green Product Manufacturing, Peer learning and most importantly empathize with nature, environment. As a team, puvidham is also involved in inlcusive growth of neighbouring villages in terms of education and knowledge transfer for forest creation, water conservation, Health and Hygene.

Learning Center

Puvidham Learning center is an open and lively environment in an eco-friendly environment with sufficient play area, organic farm and a little forest for children to learn in a natural environment. It is a government approved Nursery and Primary school.

We have a bridge course under the National Child Labour Prevention Program of the central government for 7th and 8th. We are in the process of applying for secondary school recognition.



Surabhi Niwas Hostel was built along with puvidham children. A well ventilated eco-friendly architecture, a swimming pool and energy efficient kitchen. Hostel is powered by solar power and has an open theatre for drama and screening of films


Hostel Building - An Eco-Friendly Construction with smokeless chulah and adoeb blocks.


We have created an organic farm, an orchid and Nursery.


From the inception of Puvidham, the dry and barren land has been converted into a little forest that is home for trees, plants and birds. 


Arts and Crafts


Students are engaged in arts and crafts including pottery, painting, mud buildings and art. 



The art work by Puvidham Children at Sustainable Institute Auroville


  1. yours is an inspiring story about the bond between the earth and humans; living one with nature,naturally and simply,sharing and helping the rural children .Eager to visit Poovidham soon.

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