Life at Puvidham is colourful and eventful. Join our celebration of life.

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Puvidham Learning Center

The learning centre was the outcome of a long cherished dream of Meenakshi’s. As a young student she had written about her dream school where there would be no exams or competitions, where the children would be allowed to follow their interest in an atmosphere of enquiry and happiness instead of fear of failure.

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Organic Farming

Since the beginning the school has focused on organic farming as a medium for learning all subjects and all about life and one self. Millets like foxtail millet, finger millet, little millet, sorghum, pearl millet and pulses like horse gram, pigeon pea, green gram, black gram are the traditional rain fed crops of this region.

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Puvidham Rural Development Center

The Development Centre of the Trust is also involved in exploring various options for income generation activities for the youth of the region.

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Puvidham translates from Tamil to love for the earth. This is the inspiration for all the people and activities associated with this place. Puvidham Rural Development Trust is a registered organization that works on developing effective organic farming techniques and providing a humane and child-centered education environment for children in the Nagarkoodal area of Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, India. It was an initiative which began in 1992 and since then has taken strong roots. It is the culmination of a dream, of Umesh, a mechanical engineer and Meenakshi, an architect who went about to build a community of people whose passion in farming and education could be translated into local opportunities. The activities have now evolved into Puvidham Farm, Puvidham Learning Centre and Puvidham Development Centre and are run under the umbrella of Puvidham Rural Development Trust. Today, Puvidham is managed by a 80 strong family of committed children and individuals who are working to change the harsh and arid landscape into a sustainable and resource rich area. These initiatives are guided by well wishers and Trustees who have had exposure to realities of rural India, its concerns and potential.
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Puvidham team is young and full of enthusiasm.

Learning Material

Jigsaw puzzles, Geometric shapes and Counting...


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